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You want to know why I told my life story. You want to know what will I get out of it. You want to know if I plan to exploit my family and friends just to make money and make me an all-powerful being.  Then before I can say a word, you tell me how ashamed you are of me exploiting my family and telling the whole wide world about the stuff that went on in my life.

Since you didn’t wait around for an answer, and I know you read this, I’m going to tell you my side now.

You see, it all started when my job, the state office, sent me to what is known as the ASCENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM to become a better leader to my co-workers. While there we were supposed to have told something about ourselves that no one knew. I had it all in my head of how I have 4 siblings and not one of us share the same father. BUT what came out of my mouth was my life story, instead.

After telling my story, even a short version of it, I felt it all over again. Like it was happening for the very first time. I had NEVER told a soul before then.  After a few more classes, it lasted 9 months, it came to me that I should be helping others. That there may be more people out there like me who didn’t know that there was help out there, that there were others like them, nor that it was possible to leave and not feel guilty.

If anyone reads this and they feel that I had exploited my family, that was never my intention. I only wanted to offer a peace offering, a helping hand, to show others that there is help out there, that they don’t have to stay in an abusive relationship and that they aren’t alone.

I really would love to hear from you. Won’t you please leave me some comments on what you feel about this? maybe there are other issues you need answers too. Let me know.  I can’t help you if you don’t reach out and talk to me.

it’s important to be able to live THROUGH abuse. I have. you can too. Do you want to know how? just reach out and ask me. I’ll help you!

Please comment.

Love Lou-Ellen

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