Work Story about Taxes

I work in a call center collection unit. Pretty similar to this picture.

A client calls in and he is asking for a payment plan. We get discussing his options and he explains to me how his friend said his tax preparer messed up on his taxes and how he can save him more money. I said WOW! I think I messed up on my taxes as I used an online service, TurboTax. I just recently purchased a home and I didn’t think we should have owed, but we did! it’s horrible. He then explains how his friend can save me money and look things over, etc, etc. if I give him my email address, he’d be more than happy to forward it for me.

I knew that I shouldn’t give out my personal information as my agency frowns upon stuff like that. It’s “PERCEIVED” as receiving an award for putting the client on a payment plan. So, I refused. Thanked him anyway, and we concluded our business.

Morales! SUCK! Ok, they don’t. But damn it! I need to know if I messed up and I HATE paying someone an extreme amount of money if I am NOT getting anything back anyway! lol.

Oh well, What’s a girl to do?

I mean I KNOW that in the state of Oregon, where I live, that 82% of the resource taxes comes from Personal Income taxes. Other places they come from are:

* Estate Taxes
* Lottery tax
* Tobacco tax
* Corporate Income Tax

I also know that our taxes help pay for:

* Education
* Local Government

To name a couple. but Oregon doesn’t have a sales tax, so where else would they get their taxes from if not the residents income taxes?

Anyway, I’m sure no one wanted to know or care to know. but I had to share.

here’s a squirrel moment:

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