Domestic Violence

Say no to victimness and HELLO to POWER

You’ve been abused far too long. You’re hearing the negative committee in your head telling you that YOU AREN’T SMART ENOUGH or WISE ENOUGH or just plain ENOUGH. So you stay where you’re at because there is no help for you. Right? WRONG

You have the power to change that. YOU do. No one else. not me, not your mom, not your dad, not your children, not your minister… I’m sure you get the picture. YOU can choose to either stay the victim and be unhappy, possibly getting hurt (however your troubles are) or YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

When my ex-husband, and yes EX is right.. When my ex-husband and I fought, he would hit me. I never hit him back. I felt that he was right to correct me, as that’s how my step-father raised me to be, accepting of the abuse. I was the victim. However, I never thought of myself as such. But I had friends and family tell me to leave him, he’s not good enough for you, he’s a looser, you can do better and on and on. However, he was my husband. I felt I had to stay. After all, he did promise to change.

After 7 or 8 years of physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse by my ex-husband, I had it! He had hit me for the last time! Let me tell you about that time. You see, he was across the street at my baby sister’s apartment drinking with her and her man. He came home drunker than a skunk. I had our 3 children in our bedroom with us, they were scared. He came in our room, expecting to have sex. YES! SEX! With 3 children in our room/bed! I said no as quietly as I could. He hit me, twice. I finally had enough and I hit him back! I cut his lip open with the engagement ring he put on my finger when he proposed to me and I gave him a black eye. He was so mad at me for hitting back that he dumped over this big shelf of my unicorns and other collectibles and he left. He broke all of my unicorns but 3. I was sad, but not unhappy over it. My children slept through the WHOLE thing. THANK YOU GOD!

That night was the beginning for me to gain back my power. I told him if he ever hit me again, I’d kill him. I meant it when I said it, and I’m sure he believed me too. He never hit me again after that.

But you can fight back to, in your own way. Find your strength deep down inside you. Gain your power back. Step up. Step outside yourself. Don’t let people walk over you. You have the power.

So, say NO to victimness and HELLO TO POWER!

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