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Have you read my book. …Abused….It Is What It Is?

If you have read my book, I’d greatly appreciate feedback, testimonials and/or comments. Id love to hear from you so please let me know. Afterall, if I need to change anything, I wouldn’t be able to without your help.


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4 thoughts on “Have you read my book. …Abused….It Is What It Is?

  1. I read your book. I read most of it then I had to put it down for a while as it was very distressing & hard for me to learn what you had gone through from being a little girl until adulthood. I finished reading the last 20 pages yesterday after you contacting me. I am very happy to learn your life s so much better. I find you a very strong person & telling your story I think will help a lot of people that may have gone or are going through their own abuse. There are other members of my family that have been abused in one form or another & have had difficulty getting over it. Some of them do talk about it others keep quiet. Reading the book made me think I was reading a diary. It made me sad & I had to struggle reading it. Mainly because you didn’t have anyone to turn to. I know your Aunt & Uncle would have helped as I would if you had told us what was going on especially when you were so young or even as an adult. We would have understood. If your family is having trouble accepting your book you did no wrong. You didn’t mention any names or who your family was. You had to do this to heal & that is good. I truly hope you are healed & are in a happier place in your life.
    Donna Crump

    1. Donna, I never told anyone as I was informed not to, that no one would believe a mere child over an adult or even worse that they would rip our family apart if I said anything. Like my title, It Is What It Is. I can’t change it. However, it made me who I am today. I hope that my story will help others. I want people to know that they aren’t alone, that there is help out there and that others understand and care. Thank you for your loving concern. 🙂

  2. Hi Lou, I read your book Abused….It is What it is. Here are my comments:

    I found Lou’s book easy to read and to follow. I enjoyed her writing style which made me feel as if she was talking to me. Like a conversation.

    I have two sister-in-laws (not related to each other) who were raped/sexually assaulted by their own fathers. The one sister-in-law was my former husband’s sister. I spent a lot of “alone time” with her, and she never told me what her father was doing to her. He even assaulted her friends, her brothers, their sleep over friends, and one grandson that I know of. He was an awful person! My other sister-in-law talks about her father searching her or her others sisters out in the middle of the night. Again, just awful!!!!

    Lou gave me the “inside look” on how a child feels about a parent sexually assaulting them. I never knew until now. Lou did an awesome job speaking in the past and present. I could easily follow her story.

    I think Lou is a very strong and brave women who’s able to tell her whole story, “putting it out there” for anyone to read, including her family. Yikes! She did a good job!!

    For the mom’s out there, you need to read Lou’s book. Hopefully, you will learn clues to make you better prepared in protecting your child from a step-dad, uncle, friend, cousin, who knows. Lou opens up and tells it all.

    Lou, thank you for sharing your story. Kathy

    1. Kathy, Thank you for your comment. I am so glad to hear that my book was like me actually talking to you, a real conversation. That was my true intent. Children normally, want love and will accept it in whatever form we receive it. I am glad that you were able to have an “inside look” as you said. It was hard to write, talk about, but I’m hoping that people will learn from it and hopefully step up to stop abuse from happening to others. Thank you for your kind words.