Camping. Mosquito bites. Itchy. What do you do?

When you are camping and have no idea why the bugs LOVE you and bite on you all day AND night, what do you do?

We just got back from camping and I swear to you, the bugs were sooo attracted to me! I didn’t know what to do. My husband was sitting right beside me and yet I’m the one they bit! Now the only one I want attracted to me is my husband, not mosquitoes!

Man of man! The bug bites are sooooo itchy!!!! I didn’t have anything to put on them to stop me from scratching and scratching!

I had a candle. The one to REPEL mosquitoes, yeah right.

It was lit and I took the candle and poured the hot wax, straight from the candle jar, and I poured it on my bug bites.

It was like… how did my friend say it best? Ahh. She said “the relief was like having an orgasm!” Lol. She’s right. The relief was pure orgasmic! I love my friend.

So the next time you’re camping and you don’t have any bug relief spray, use hot wax. It works for a couple of hours, but at least you’ll be itchy free!

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