AMAZING! I can’t believe it!!!

I must say that life is just throwing me new curves everyday. I mean this is really amazing. I thought that once I opened up about my abuse with my new book called “Abused….It Is What It Is” that I’d be done. But NOOOOOO. Now another is just around the corner, imminent. It’s so amazing. I didn’t realize that there could be a continuation of my abused book. “Here I go again”! (Thank you Whitesnake)

So here I go, writing again! More of my life, my story but in a different way. Things I left out of my abused book as it didn’t seem fitting, but will fit perfectly for this next book!

I just started it so it may be a few months, maybe around the major holidays this year, maybe!  Maybe less time, maybe more time. All will tell due to life’s many adventures and curves along the way!

Wish me luck! 🙂